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Upload Your Product Datafeed offers you the opportunity to upload and sell your products on our site. We will create an FTP account for you on our server to periodically upload your product datafeed that we will import into our database and show on the site. Alternatively, you can provide FTP access to your server for us to periodically download the datafeed and import it into our database. Datafeeds can be uploaded/downloaded and imported daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever there is an update, as required.

You Keep 100% of the Sales Revenue

We only charge a token monthly subscription for the ability to upload (or download) and sell your products on our site. All sales revenue is yours to keep; you don't pay a penny more - no commission, no overpriced pay-per-click, no click frauds, no bid management, no nothing.

Technical Requirements of the Datafeed

We are able to handle datafeeds in almost any format - xml, text, csv - as long as they have, called by whatever name, the following fields:

Compulsory Fields:
Product Title
Product Description
Price (presently only in US$)
Product Image URL
Buy URL (to send visitors to the product page on your site)

Optional Fields:
Category Names
Brand Name(s)

Additional data can also be imported and displayed. Please to have your datafeed tested and set-up for free.

Datafeed Subscription Cost

Up to 100 products - $10.00 per month
Up to 250 products - $25.00 per month
Up to 500 products - $50.00 per month
Up to 1000 products - $100.00 per month
Up to 5000 products - $150.00 per month
Up to 10000 products - $200.00 per month

Payment is set-up on subscription basis through or direct debit/credit card. With an exception for the first month you may cancel your subscription anytime for a pro-rated refund.

Please proceed to make the payment:

Type Merchant Name - Business or Website Name:

us to get the process started.

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